Hind Automatic System

Automatic Barriers

Hind automatic barriers are the perfect solution for shopping centres, hotels, residential blocks and public areas which need a safe, efficient and reliable access control system. They provide completely safe access to areas with medium-high transit intensity and have a wide range of add-on accessories to meet varied command and control needs.

Technical Specification

Barriers up to 3.5m up to 5.8m up to 7.6m
Stroke Control lever-type limit switch encoder encoder + limit switch
Protection Rating 54IP 54IP 54IP
ARM elliptic elliptic round
Service Index 4 – intensive 5 – heavy duty 4 – intensive
Power Absorption 230V AC/50Hz 230V AC/50Hz 230V AC/50Hz
Input 1.2A 1A 1.2A
Torque 90Nm 70 Nm 200Nm
Opening Time 4s/90° 2÷6s/90° 6÷12s/90°
Closing Time 4s/90° 2÷6s/90° 6÷12s/90°
Product Dimension (mm) 300x320x1050 300x320x1050 405x525x1180



Food Industries



Cold Storage



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